Lose Weight Forever: The Pyramid of Habits

Being Consistent = Habits

In my many years of experience losing weight, I’ve come to realize that permanent results come from consistency.

There are only two known ways to be consistent. The first is through willpower, which means you force yourself to eat less, do keto, or count calories, or run 3 miles a day. This lasts only as long as one’s motivation to keep losing the weight lasts 

(example: [Biggest Loser contestants] after vs before: 

The second, and the only long-term sustainable method, is through habits. This lasts forever, if done properly. Instead of focusing solely on food and exercise, you invest your willpower into implementing a permanent lifestyle change, one step at a time.

The Pyramid of Habits

The pyramid is the most stable structure in geometry. We utilize this as the scaffolding to build our foundation of permanent weight loss. Here’s how this works:

Let’s say you start off 250lbs. Your first goal is just to establish the habit of weighing yourself every morning. Do that for 30 days until it becomes a habit. At first, this will take willpower, but eventually this will crystalize into a habit and you will do it without even trying.

Then you reallocate willpower to build habit #2, for example implementing a night time exercise routine. During this period of building habit #2, if you mess up or lose momentum, you will still have habit #1 in place. Even if you go a full week without doing your nighttime exercise routine, you will still weigh yourself every morning. 

This is the power of the pyramid of habits. Instead of the traditional dieting approach of either “on diet” or “off diet” black and white, you will create save points in your journey. If you do mess up, the lower level of the pyramid will catch you, and give you a platform to progress from. This way, you will never drop back down to zero. Once you establish habit #1 of weighing yourself every day, you will have it for life, and thereby permanently change your lifestyle to be healthy. Then on top of that, establish habit #2, habit #3, higher and higher towards your desired level of strictness. The higher you go in the pyramid, the leaner you get. And each level of pyramid crystallized as a habit once enough time goes by, and every habit only grows stronger with time.

Below is my personal pyramid of habits. I am only 4 levels deep, and here is my physique throughout all stages of my pyramid building.

In properly building habits, the selection of habits is crucial. For most people, weighing themselves everyday seems to be an excellent base habit. 

The habits on higher up in the pyramid that are subject to individual needs. Some people need to fix their sleep, some people need to find a purpose in their life, some people need to start exercising, etc. You know yourself the best, and you must figure this out for yourself.

How to figure out what your habits should be on the pyramid? To be the lean, here is the perfect scenario:

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