How people get to 300lbs

Standing at only 5’7”, I was previously 250lbs. When you get to that level of obesity, it’s more than just laziness, or loving food too much. There is a mental component. 

To be obese, there must be some psychological reliance on food. You don’t get to this level of fat by just liking food a lot.

In order to reverse and break this cycle, lets get to the root of the problem:


As you can see, the cycle starts with “Using food to feel good”. We all deal with negative emotions. Stress, Anger, disappointment, jealousy, regret, and fear are abundant within the human experience


Foods that Hack the System

Here’s a thought experiment. You’re hungry, and there are two plates of food. Plate 1 has boiled potatoes, while plate 2 has fries. Which one would you pick?

That’s right. Maybe 10% of you would choose the boiled potatoes. Both are made with the same ingredient: potatoes, but the fries taste infinitely better. The reason fries sell so well is they are engineered to taste much better than regular foods! Processed foods are made to taste good. How are you going to lose weight when foods taste euphorically good?


Using Foods as a Drug / Emotional Eating

Now let’s imagine that tomorrow, the only foods available in your city are: sweet potato, white potato, lean chicken breast, and salt. How many fat people do you think would be left? 

Now let’s flip it around. If somehow, companies made junk food 300% as good, how many more fat people would be walking around?

The secret to losing weight is progressively, slowly, replacing the unhealthy foods with healthy alternatives. Each small change will require willpower at first, but after you get used to it, you learn to enjoy the food and it becomes autopilot. You will however, never be able to use that food again to curb your negative feelings. Many people are not willing to lose their drug.


Face Your Demons

Do not use food to make yourself feel better. Go to the grocery store and buy healthy foods only. Eating food to make yourself feel good is a way of running away from the problem. Don’t run. Confront the problem!

As with many things in life, when you avoid a problem, it does not disappear. It will only grow larger and harder to contain. We all have problems in life we would rather not deal with right now, but not doing so makes us feel worse in the future. 


Cry Now, Laugh Later

This is the key principle that allows you to break the cycle. Confront your demons Now, as big as they may have grown. You like to eat a lot of food at night while watching movies. Stop watching movies, play games instead. You eat food to make yourself feel good about a breakup. Work on yourself and find someone better. Food does not solve your problems, it only gives your problems the opportunity to grow bigger.