Why Binge Eating Happens and How to Stop It

Why does someone resort to binge eating? Binge Eating. What a strange phenomenon. You eat until you feel immense discomfort, and continue to eat after that. You deliberately seek out the pain, feeling as if you’re possessed and you can’t stop eating. 

After you’re done eating, you feel psychological guilt, physical pain, and digestive distress.

Although there are many personal triggers for our binge eating, the they all come from the following 2 sources: 

  1. Fear of missing out!
  • The thought process goes, “starting tomorrow I will go on my diet. Starting tomorrow I won’t be able to eat this tasty food any more. Let me eat as much as I can now before the suffering begins!”. Binge eating is caused by a perceived scarcity of food. You think tomorrow and onwards will only be suffering, so let’s get as much joy as we can now. (This is False. Tomorrow and onwards it will be nothing but happiness in the form of achievement)
  1. Eating to quell discomfort: stress, anger, sorrow, lack of fulfillment in life, boredom
  • Tasty food makes you feel good after eating. That’s why we prefer to eat tastier food, because it gives us pleasure. Bland food does not give us pleasure. And it is when we are in most pain, that we seek pleasure the most. This can create the negative cycle of emotional eating: 
  •   Lack of fulfillment in life
  • You have to find fulfillment in life. Find a daily routine. Something you can do everyday that you feel good about. 
  •  Lack of a healthy outlet to release negative emotions.
  • When you feel stressed, or frustrated against a situation or person (most commonly a person), you must confront the problem and find a solution. Eating is not the solution. Recognize this and stop it.

— must be pushed out of comfort zone 

  1. The distillation of choices/elimination of choices. Throw your food away [picture].  When there are no other choices, there is no fear of missing out. You will miss out, period. This is not forever though. Once you develop the power to resist eating the junk, you can reintroduce those choices back. 

When I first started losing weight, the immense pain of being fat and feeling rejected by society made me swear to never eat junk food again. For me, that created a mental block against junk food. I no longer viewed burgers, pizzas, sushi, fries, etc as food. I viewed them as inanimate objects, like grass, or rocks, or plastic. 

Having many choices requires you to exercise the responsibility to make the correct ones.

The only reason we’re fat is because we have an abundance of food, and which allows us to make poor choices. For example, in the famine-ridden rural parts of North Korea, you won’t find any fat people. 

Decide, ahead of time, what you will eat. This means you are free from the many devious choices around you. Your decisions go from, “should I eat A, B, C, D, E, F …etc”, to “do i eat?”.

Create a meal plan. Eat the same thing everyday. 

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